Masarat Law Services

Company’s purpose and nature of business\ assigning of lawyers for the purpose of argue and adjudicate before courts (Iraqi, foreigner and national courts), handling of domestic arbitration cases, providing legal services for companies and individuals and to negotiate on their behalves in case of disputes or conflicts that do not need attending to courts, legally pursuing the administrative matters, representing clients before com- ponent departments and Iraqi organizations (such as incorporation of companies, indus- trial projects, patenting, registering of trademarks or registration of NGOs), organizing contacts of trading companies and contractors, providing legal services for projects, individuals and cooperation located inside Iraq or developing business abroad, handling all kinds of procedures (including various projects and cases of individuals) and provid- ing legal services for local, Arab and foreign companies. The company is also entitled to handle all sorts of proceedings (disciplinary, first instance and legitimacy proceedings), pursuing all legal transactions needed in law suits presented before courts with differ- ent jurisdictions and degrees, providing legal services for national and international insurance companies as well as providing the same services in the field of public servic- es, in addition to managing housing units and social clubs, taking into consideration the valid laws and instructions.