Al Masarat Oil Services

  • Opening the documentary and non-documentary credits, current accounts at banks, depositing, withdrawing and signing on the cheques, bonds, forms as well as contracts.
  • Withdrawing bills, singing, drafting and discount of trade papers at authorized banks in Iraq, arrest of their cancellation, acceptance of all remittances granted to them by the bank, signature of their contracts and letters of guarantee and sign its contracts and sign all banking facilitation contracts and any contracts relating to the company’s business, purposes, import permits, documents and required papers.
  • Contacting the customs, clear the commodities, pay their fees, refund them retrieve the trusts and clear the shipping bills, pay their balances and deliver them
  • Purchasing various types of moveable money and signing their contracts as well as selling them in no need to them
  • Participating in all invitations and renting, tenancy and leasing as well tender, concluding all contracts including as various types contracts in respect of the company’s Purposes.
  • Representing the company and signing on its behalf before the departments and (public-mix-private) companies of all its transactions
  • Having the right to own and purchase patent sand trade marks as companys business demands
  • Insuring on its property at the relevant authorities